Get ready to be happy, your shops are back in business

After two weeks of confinement and phone calls with friends struggling with their businesses despite finding ways to deliver their products or services, we wanted to help with our own skill set.

During the confinement, we prefered building something useful rather than kill each other.

We are a group of students and young professionals living abroad, but are still very much attached to our city, our country, and the local shops. Despite the comfort of big shops, we love the plurality of offers that’s being created by local grocery stores, book shops, independent clothing stores and co. And even if the government is doing its best to limit the damages due to the coronavirus, two weeks of nothingness were enough for us to come together and create a project, which has a real and positive impact. It is our way of contributing to the Luxembourg community in times of the Corona crisis.

We started as a group of four but quickly the team grew and before we knew it four became eight.

A big thank you to Carlotta, Lena, Moritz, Fabien, Gilles, Benjamin, Nicolas, Claire, Jessie, Aitana, Sophie, Anne-Sophie and Tiago for bringing Nala to life ! And of course a very special thank you to Judith, Philippe, Nathalie, Vania, Sophie and all the others without whom Nala would not have been able to grow as quickly as it did into this beautiful project.

And don’t forget, the best way to make us happy is to spread the word !

Finding a new normal. One shop at a time.

When the Coronavirus hit Luxembourg, and all our favourite shops had to close, we, like many others, believed that the only options left were beans and ravioli cans. How wrong we were! Like the rest of us, our local retailers adapted and re-opened, some with brand new delivery or home services. But most of their clients still don’t know about it. So we, a group of young professionals and students, gathered together our experience in web design, economics, law and public relations and spontaneously started last weekend to build a free, independent and beautiful platform called NALA – Now Act Local Association. NALA is our way of supporting the Luxembourg community during the Covid-19 crisis.

If you offer delivery or a pick-up service for your products and services or took any other online initative, we would love to hear from you !

Share your business

Glad to have you here !

To have your business on the NALA platform, we purely need this information from you:

  • Your business' website
  • Your business' name
  • Your business' address
  • Do you offer delivery or pick-up?

You know a shop but can’t fill in the form ? Contact us at